FreeOTFE Portable

FreeOTFE Portable 4.40

Create an encrypted virtual drive


  • Data is protected as soon as it's saved on virtual drive
  • Doesn't require any installation


  • Not clear how secure it is i.e. what kind of logarithms it uses
  • A little time consuming to setup


Have you ever needed to encrypt a disk or folder on your hard disk that only you can access?

Maybe you're trying to store confidential data or maybe you need to make sure that whatever is on the disk is not deleted. FreeOTFE is a free, open source, "on-the-fly" transparent disk encryption program for PCs and PDAs which allows you to create "virtual disks" on your PC/PDA that the developers claim are highly secure.

The disks operate like a normal disk but the difference is that everything is encrypted as soon as it is stored on there. This gives you the peace of mind that you don't need to take any further action to protect your disks. There's no installation necessary so you can carry it on a USB stick. Probably the best way to encrypt a virtual drive and then install it on the partition. It's a little tricky to configure at first but what you should have at the end is a protected virtual drive that can only be accessed on your PC with a password.

FreeOTFE Portable is a useful hard drive encryption program that offers a highly secure way to protect your data.

FreeOTFE Portable


FreeOTFE Portable 4.40

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